Project 2019

Project 2019
Double the photography fun this year, two photography themes every month.

Each member is free to choose which of the two themes to tackle during the month, if you are feeling adventurous, combine the two themes for extra kudos.

December will be a special session which everyone should be aware of before the start of the year. The aim will be to combine four images of a single scene of your own choosing, taken across the course of the four seasons. The four images should be displayed as one image, help is on offer for those who might need support with this task.

Bonus outing: Photography Marathon (date to be decided, topics to be decided on the day)

The marathon works as below

– Take photos in order of the list of topics

– No editing or adding filters after taking a shot. (Except Filters and in camera settings).

– jpg only – start with an empty card and end with 6 photos – 1 photo per topic.

The monthly task will be critiqued by the group during the monthly meeting on the fourth Saturday of each month; this should give almost 4 weeks to complete each challenge. You should aim to only provide images for the challenge that were taken during the month of the task and not taken ahead of time, obviously feel free to plan ahead.

A print will need to be supplied each month to complete the task (any size deemed appropriate by the photographer to best display their work).

The prints will be displayed in the library for the following month for the General Public to view.

January Selfie – Coffee

February Monochrome – Water

March Perspective – Leading lines

April Tryptic – Architecture

May Abstract – Walls, Fences, Hedges

June Panoramic – Action

July Street Photography – Shadows

August Golden Hour – Wildlife

September Symmetry – Frames

October Leaves – Texture

November Light trails – Intentional Camera Movement

December Same Scene 4 Seasons (see notes)