Project 2018

12 by 12 – 2018 Photography Project

Following on from the fun had by all in the 2017 12 by 12 Photography Project, we’re doing it all again in 2018. A new selection of topics to challenge and inspire.

Each month’s task will be critiqued by the group during the monthly meeting on the last Saturday of each month; this should give almost 4 weeks to complete each challenge. You should aim to only provide images for the challenge that were taken during the month of the task and not taken ahead of time, obviously feel free to plan ahead.

A print will need to be supplied each month to complete the task (any size deemed appropriate by the photographer to best display their work).

The prints will be displayed in the library for the following month for the General Public to view.

I do hope everyone is able to take part and that they are able to take something away from the experience.

January – Task 1 – Sunset/Sunrise Early riser? Or like a lie-in? Let’s see some glorious colours

February – Task 2 – Glass Tough subject… Will you go for reflections?, or a glass object? Through a window?

March – Task 3 – Bokeh “the effect of a soft out-of-focus background that you get when shooting a subject with a wide aperture”.

April – Task 4 – Movement The trick is to learn how to control blur through a combination of camera, subject and photographer movement, as well as understanding their interplay with shutter speed and lighting.

May – Task 4 – Street Out and about on the city streets, capturing candid photographs of everyday life.

June – Task 6 – Outdoor flash Using flash creatively to make your subject pop.

July – Task 7 – Happiness Capturing emotion.

August – Task 8 – Industrial Gritty, industrial images, perfect for Black and White perhaps.

September – Task 9 – History Bring the past alive.

October – Task 10 – Macro Get in close and see the often missed details.

November – Task 11 – Vehicles Planes, trains, and automobiles.

December – Task 12 – Night time/Astro Capturing the moon and stars.